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  • Q: What if I have a slow internet connection?

  • A: At the free orientation session we will test your internet connection to see if it is capable and strong enough for a class.  If there are weather related issues with the internet connection, your BalléNess class will be re-scheduled free of charge.coupe passe
  • Q: Is there a dress code for classes at BalléNess?

  • A: Yes.  Wear what is comfortable!  It is highly encouraged to wear form fitting clothes so that we can properly view and correct your body alignment.  It is recommended to wear your hair pulled away from your face and do not wear long pants.  It is advised to wear the proper shoes for each class to prevent injury and to work the foot muscles correctly.  This can be discussed on an individual basis at our free orientation session.
  • Q: What is Kinesthetic Awareness?  What is anonymity?

  • A: Check out a few of the BalléNess terms and definitions frequently used by your faculty.
  • 1.  Kinesthetic and Body Awareness:  The feeling of ‘knowing’ where your body positioning should be with visual and verbal cues.  The muscles in your body form sensory connections and memories so that you are kinesthetically aware in your body.
  • 2.  Anonymity:  A feeling of being anonymous and being un-related to your personal everyday life.  This feeling will make people more comfortable in themselves and help to gain personal confidence.
  • 3.  Muscle Memory and Mirroring:  The muscles in your body remembering the correct placement and steps from practice and repetition.  Mirroring isa visual learning method that uses copying and mirroring of the BalléNess instructor to create the comfort and muscle memories in your body.


  • Q: What do I need to take a class at BalléNess?Jazz2

  • A: We will map out your space together at the free orientation. Check out our ‘What You Will Need” page for more information and a helpful video on the ideal recommendations for a class!






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