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How does this work?

How does this work?

You simply log in from home.  All you need to take class is a webcam, sound/microphone, internet access, and a smile!

What do I need for class?

  • 1. BalléNess classes are compatible with Tablets, IPADS, IPODS, Mac’s and PC’s (Any device that has internet and audio/video capabilities). If you do not have a video camera included with your device we are more than happy to offer you recommendations. *Many BODS use an HDMI cable to connect their device to the television so that the instructor is larger and easier to see.
  • 2. A safe space to dance and move around. Please review our video with recommendations for The Ideal Space.
  • 3. A Skype, Facetime Account or Fuzebox Account. These are all free services.
  • 4. Reliable internet service. *We have a lot of clients in the Foreign Service and understand that sometimes the internet reliability is out of your control. We will not penalize you for poor internet connection.
  • 5. Proper attire and shoes.

Recommendations For the Ideal ‘Space’

  • 1. Have a space with enough room that you could do a ‘kart-wheel’ without hitting anything.  Some of the dance classes may require more space than the BalléNess barre-toning class.
  • 2. Adequate lighting is a requirement both for your safety and for the quality of the class; this way the instructor is able to see you clearly.
  • 3. A hard, solid, and even floor is a requirement to avoid injuries.  Please remove and clear any furniture or obstacles nearby and in the space.  A carpeted floor is acceptable for all classes except ballet, pointe, and tap, however, a hard floor is preferred.
  • 4. A quiet space without distractions and any access noise is preferred.
  • 5. We encourage you to have a first-aid kit nearby.
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